Rod Lucas is a British Radio & TV host and Producer currently celebrating over 45 years in professional British radio. His 'Best Smooth Jazz' show is aired on over 140 FM stations around the worldwide and is one of the most downloaded Jazz podcasts on iTunes. Check out his TV video below.  Rod's also available for hosting of events and other media presentations. E Mail Rod Lucas here



Rod's first presenting role was with BBC Radio Medway in 1971. He's a broadcast journalist and Sony Award Winner and loves to work on all kinds of radio projects, speech and music. He's also involved in documentary programs and news. He's worked as both host and Producer at BBC National and local radio together with National & local Commercial radio including BBC Radio 5 Live, Radio 2, Talksport & LBC (London). While at Canada's National broadcaster CBC, Rod worked on award winning National & Foreign News & feature documentaries.



Rod's the founder of 'The Radio School' and the London news agency 'Broadcast News'. Currently has 2 syndicated music programs played out on FM stations across Europe and beyond. Currently Programming 'Best Smooth Jazz Radio' BSJ.FM (London), Smooth Grooving FM & Chillax FM


Rod says "I still love radio after all this time and though I've had many ups and downs in the business it still turns me on and I love it all. The face of broadcasting has changed and continues to do so, but it's still about making interesting and creative programming and connecting with people in speech and music.


Content is still the master. Radio people have to entertain and inform with a passion. It's all as fresh as when I was 14 and first started". Rod Lucas is available for hosting events & other entertainment gigs


Rod uses Better than ISDN  Digital Studio Broadcast links with ipDTL in his studio.


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Best Smooth Jazz :: Instrumental Smooth Jazz
Best Smooth Grooves :: Soft Soul Smooth Jazz


All of Rod's  Podcasts & syndicated shows are televised on the web from radio studio as well as being broadcast on FM stations around the world and SKY TV. Best Smooth Jazz is Radio& TV show hosted from London by radio host Rod Lucas. The feel of the show is soft, chillin' vibes that cross into melodic, soul and smoochy smooth grooves. Nothing Noisy. More at Best Smooth Jazz website  'live' Saturday's 4pm UK 11am EST.